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Aiden Zoller

      Augustana College

"Dr. Yan was a lot of fun to work with. She pointed out a lot of little bad habits that I had and helped me fix them. She also taught me a lot of new techniques for playing the flute that I had never tried before. When it came to performances she was always very enthusiastic and supportive for every student. One of my favorite moments working with Dr. Yan was when I brought in some traditional Japanese bamboo flutes that I had bought and we learned a little more about them together."

Kaitlyn Anderson

  Augustana College


Thank you for all of your knowledge and help this semester! I feel like I have learned a lot about my musicianship, especially vibrato! 

Lily Thomas

 Augustana College

When I first started my lesson with Dr. Yan, I struggled with supporting my air. Dr. Yan has taught me different techniques to improve my air support, as well as my sight reading skills. Dr. yan has also always given me helpful feedback. Whenever I struggled with a particularly difficult part, she was always willing to demonstrate how it should be done. Overall, I learned a lot from her and I'm very grateful that she was my teacher.

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